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from 27 September


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Pura Vida Organic Vanilla Rose Cleanser

Vanilla Rose Cleanser

Immediate & visible results

A rich and creamy texture that gently lifts away dirt & make-up without stripping away essential lipids the skin needs to stay healthy & hydrated. A potent blend of botanical extracts that keeps skin clear and smooth. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Day after day your skin is smoother and appears radiantly beautiful.

Pura Vida Organic Lemon Pie Cleanser

Lemon Pie Cleanser

Naturally purifying and pore tightening.

A combination of lemon and vanilla. Lemon is a natural anti-bacterial and cleanser that is refreshing to the skin and removes dirt from deep down in your pores. Vanilla calms and soothes any irritation. 

Pura Vida Organic Vanilla Rose Body Butter

Vanilla Rose Body Butter

Luxurious and light-weight.

Use daily – morning and night, or whenever you feel like your skin needs a little extra hydration with the romantic scent of rose and vanilla.

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bio & bio

bio & bio
Robna kuća NAMA KVATRIĆ, 10000, Zagreb

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bio & bio
OKTOGON, Ilica 5, 10000, Zagreb

bio & bio

bio & bio
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bio & bio

bio & bio
CITY CENTER WEST, Jankomir 33, 10000, Zagreb

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